Why Spanish is Easy!


Spanish is the official language in 20 countries (including most of Latin America), the most widely spoken second language in the US and the most widely spoken Romance language worldwide. And it is EASY to learn.

Benny Lewis “The Irish Polyglot” has written a great guide explaining why Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn for English speakers and giving you his method for learning languages fast by speaking them from day 21 and immersing yourself in the language and culture, at home.

Why Spanish is Easy guide

Why Spanish is Easy is not a language course, but an approach to learning Spanish. You’ll pick up simple shortcuts you can use to be confident at speaking Spanish even if you don’t have a complete vocabulary and perfect grammar. When you start out, you won’t be perfect. But you will be communicating. And as you communicate your language skills will naturally improve.

The Ebook includes the Spanish Digital Immersion Device Set up guide, showing you how to:

  • Set up Spanish as your computer’s and smartphone’s main language
  • Change the language setting on Facebook/your browser to Spanish
  • Write Spanish letters like ñ, ó, ¿ etc. effortlessly
  • Install the best apps on your smartphone for improving your Spanish
  • Use the Kindle’s dictionary function

It also has a Spanish Daily Immersion Schedule, showing you a typical daily schedule of a new Spanish learner from start to finish, presuming it is a busy working day. It lists a lot of helpful resources and how you can use them to sprinkle Spanish learning throughout your day.

Here are the full contents of the guide:

Contents for the Why Spanish is Easy guide


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