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Whitelisting guide for SpainExpert

We really want our visitors and subscribers to be able to see the emails we send them but often the email services like Gmail and Hotmail are a bit over-zealous with their filtering. Without using our whitelisting guide, our valuable emails can end up on an “Updates” or “Promotions” tab, be mistakenly put into a “spam” folder or even just get deleted without people ever seeing them.

See our whitelisting guide

See our guide to whitelisting keith [at] spainexpert.info

If you send out emails yourself and would like to create a similar list of instructions to go on your own website, you can do it using the free Whitelisting Guide tool here:


More information on the Whitelisting Guide

From Chris Lang at EmailDeliveryJedi:

Just because your newsletter is not going to the spam folder in your own Gmail Inbox, does not mean you won’t still end up in the Spam folder or the Promotions tab of your subscribers. If you are currently having delivery problems, asking your new subscribers to whitelist your email is the best way to increase delivery and drag a poorly performing list back to a healthy inbox performance! Whitelisting used to allow your subscribers to add your email address to a list of sites NOT to be filtered. But things have changed in 2019.

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