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Olly Richards speaks eight languages and is the man behind the popular blog: I Will Teach You A Language. He started learning his first foreign language at age 19, when he bought a one-way ticket to Paris… With no exposure to languages growing up, and no special talent to speak of, he had to figure out how to learn a foreign language from scratch. Fifteen years later, Olly has studied ten languages and has produced a number of courses and books revealing how he accomplished his goal of learning foreign languages quickly.

Although he started the I Will Teach You A Language blog in order to document his latest language learning experiments, his useful and actionable writing quickly transformed the blog into one of the most popular sources of language learning advice on the web. He now produces language books and courses across a variety of mediums with the goal of helping other people to successfully learn a new language. Collaborators include Teach Yourself, Open University, European Commission, and many more.

Olly Richards also produces a lot of video content that you can get free on his YouTube Channel.

Olly Richards – 3 Proven Shortcuts to Conversational Spanish

As we are particularly interested in Spanish, you can get a series of 3 emails from Olly about how 90% of Spanish learners make three specific mistakes that stop them speaking Spanish with confidence. In this free educational series, Olly Richards will reveal these mistakes, and teach you the urgent techniques you can use to become conversational in Spanish as quickly as possible.
Use this link to register for the free emails.

Find out more about I Will Teach You A Language and Olly Richards’ Spanish courses and books

Olly Richards has a good Youtube channel

Here is Olly Richards with the first video in his series about the rules of language learning – Why you shouldn’t take language learning advice from native speakers (Olly’s approach is often counter-intuitive, but usually right!).

And if you want to see the rest of the series, just search for “Olly Richards Troll” and select the episode you want, or there is a full playlist here.

Olly Richards

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • What’s the best way to become fluent in a foreign language?
  • How come some people learn languages so easily but I can’t?
  • How can I work language learning around my busy family life?
  • How can I learn to understand native speakers?
  • Which courses are good?

Or if you just have a passion for learning a foreign language but don’t know how…

Olly Richards is the man to ask!


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