Agua de Valencia


As part of my onerous duties wandering round Valencia for a month to review all the best places, food and drink for this guide I have to try anything I have not had before, and now I have a new favourite drink – Agua de Valencia, a local speciality that has nothing to do with water. I sat in the square outside Bar Negrito in Carmen and ordered a jug to see what it was like. It is made with orange, gin, vodka, ice and topped up with cava (sparkling Spanish white wine). It only comes in half litre jugs and the waiter asked if it was all for me, oh well… anything for SpainExpert I suppose!

I spent a very nice half-hour quaffing it while checking out maps and guides to find all the best stuff in Valencia to review while I am here and generally watching the world go by. Then wobbled back to the apartment on my bike – Agua de Valencia it is definitely good stuff!

Recipe for Agua de Valencia


  • 20 cL Orange juice
  • 5 cL Gin
  • 5 cL Vodka
  • 70 cL Cava
  • Pinch Sugar

Method of preparation

  1. Squeeze a glass of orange juice into a pitcher.
  2. Add a bottle of semi-dry cava.
  3. Add a glass of vodka and gin.
  4. Add sugar according to your taste.
  5. Place in the refrigerator.

Bar Negrito, Plaza del Negrito, 1, El Carmen, Valencia, 4600, 
963 914 233 Email:

Agua de ValenciaAgua de Valencia


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